Helium’s unique Site Steward Program marries content expertise with volunteer community service. The bonds that hold it together are professional and personal relationships, built one member at a time. Have you received a shout out or feedback from a site steward yet? It’s only a matter of time until you meet Helium’s frontline community team.


What site stewards do


Stewards exercise a sense of ownership over a content area of the site. They look to the writers who contribute to a given channel area as a niche community of specialized writers. One by one, they get to know those writers – by their articles and through contact-writer emails. They offer help and encouragement. They collect feedback to help Helium improve.


Stewards develop a vision for growing the content in their channels, by seeding titles to encourage writer contributions. They reach out to writers with demonstrated expertise and invite them in. Many create Zones and start Groups for writers in topic areas relevant to their channel.


In sum, site stewards seek to make their channel area the best of its kind on the web, and they work hard to create collaborative opportunities among writers with common interests. They build relationships that form a web of networks throughout Helium and across the Internet.


Why you may want to connect with a steward


  • Stewards have specialized knowledge about topics within their channel area. They have a wealth of information to share and find ways to support your efforts to maximize knowledge-sharing on Helium. They can help you with content problems and transform your suggestions into action items.


  • Stewards are connected to other writers who share similar writing passions. They can help you connect too. What’s better than meeting fellow writers passionate about the same topic?


  • Stewards are veteran Helium members who’ve found success writing, rating and competing at Helium. They welcome mentoring opportunities, too. Use Helium’s site stewards as ready resources. You can meet them here.


  • If you have expertise to share, let us know. Join the site steward team, or just make suggestions to a steward. We welcome your ideas.


History of the Site Steward Program


Helium’s Site Steward Program celebrates its one and a half year-old birthday in April of 2009. The program has grown from a handful of channel-level stewards to a network of approximately 200, which includes teams of channel-focused stewards and senior stewards who help with coordination and oversight. The numbers grow daily.


The vision for the Site Steward Program lies within the broader Helium vision: a site where writers share an empowered role in shaping the content, quality, direction and writing community gathered here. A steward is someone who oversees something entrusted to them from another.


The program grew organically from the connections that form among writers and staff in our community. Don’t be surprised if someone notices your expertise from your About Me page bio or from articles you’ve written, and invites you to join the site steward team.


Might you want to become a site steward?


Do you enjoy your participation at Helium and would like to do more?

Do you have subject matter expertise to share?

Do you have good ideas about improving Helium?

Do you enjoy helping others?


If so, the Site Steward Program is open to you.


Here’s how to apply:


Send an email to me at bwhitlock@helium.com. Include:


  • your About Me page URL
  • a special channel area of the site where you have written significantly and have expertise/passion to share
  • your motivation for participating

I’ll write back to you within a few days, and we can explore the possibilities.


When you encounter a site steward on the site, take a minute to get to know him or her. If you get a chance, please say thanks. And contact stewards to share your good ideas too.


Meet the channel stewards. Click their names to see all the stewards in each channel steward team. Know that my virtual door is always open too!


Special opportunity: Join me for a discussion about Helium’s Site Steward Program at the official Helium Facebook group. Helium writers and various staff meet with me every Tuesday for lunch, 12 noon to 1 pm Eastern Standard Time. This group is open to all. So, bring your lunch, sign on and bring your friends. (You need a Facebook account to participate.)