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Member of the Week: T.C. Leonard

“Tell people things they want to know instead of regurgitating someone else’s version of the facts.”

Helium Member Since: July 2007

Articles on Helium: 883

About T.C.

Favorite quote:

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.–Kurt Vonnegut

Who inspires you?

I think my father inspired me more than anybody.  He came from humble beginnings and managed to do pretty well for himself.  I hope to do half as well in whatever endeavor I choose.

What have you gained from being a member of an online writers’ community?

I have made several friends with common interests and have had critical feedback that has often shown me a better way of doing things.  I think forums such as the Poetry Coffee House at Helium are a great way of getting peer reviews.

What do you write about mostly?  Do you consider yourself an expert in your field?

Lately I write mostly poetry that makes sport of the world in which we live—particularly the plight of the typical middle-aged male.  That’s me!

What advice would you offer new Helium members?

Write in subjects that are your strengths, and don’t depend on Wikipedia (et al) as your source of knowledge. Tell people things they want to know instead of regurgitating someone else’s version of the facts.

What are your future goals with regard to writing?

I am the co-author of an unpublished manuscript.  I think my primary goal would be to get it published and see what evolves from there.

Articles by T.C.

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