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Member of the Week: Christopher Giofreda

“Read and write often. Reach out for help.”

Helium Member Since: January 2011

Articles on Helium: 101

About Christopher

Who inspires you?

Everyone. There are a lot of things churning inside of a human being. Sometimes things get in the way of seeing that but yeah, I respect people tremendously for their capabilities if not always their actions.

What have you gained from being a member of an online writers’ community?

I’ve gained some confidence that I can articulate things clearly. Maybe add to that the confidence to bid aggressively for jobs even if I feel that I cannot do them the best out of every applicant.

What do you write about mostly?  Why do you write about this subject?  Do you consider yourself an expert in your field?

The act of writing, chess, history. Nope, not an expert, but I am comfortable with where I am on my journey.

What motivated you to become a writer?

Causes I care about. I am a grant writer by trade and I love supporting environmental causes. Also the beauty in the world motivates me. There’s too darned much of it for me not to try to chronicle it.

What advice would you offer new Helium members?

Read and write often. Reach out for help. Don’t let one bad apple spoil your whole barrel.

What are your future goals with regard to writing?

Finish up the book of fiction I’ve been working on for eight years or so. Write more grants for local nonprofits too.

What is the best life advice you’ve received?

Pascal’s Wager. I am not trying to be cynical or funny.

Articles by Christopher

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