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Member of the Week: Matilda Willows

“You can’t achieve anything of value without really working hard to deserve it. “

Helium Member Since: November 2010

Articles on Helium: 373

About Matilda

Favorite quote:

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” – Bob Marley

Who inspires you?

This might seem as a bit of a surprise to some, but my inspiration is the rain. There’s something so magical, soothing and cozy about it that fills me with creativity and motivation. I usually feel I have to produce something beneficial, and this usually translates into a piece of writing for my studies or Helium … and sometimes a nice Black Forest Cake or something similar.  You could say I like to create some sunshine when there isn’t any.

What have you gained from being a member of an online writers’ community?

The main thing is the sense of being a part of a community. I feel people are at their strongest when they feel like they are welcome to or belong to a group. It also motivates me to strive to improve as I learn from some excellent writers.

What advice would you offer new Helium members?

I would advise them to not give up and to connect with other members, especially on the Helium Community Boards. I would also advise them to write about what interests them, and not worry too much about stars or percentages in the beginning, because starting out is usually always difficult, and that there are many helpful members that can offer support and guidance.

What are your future goals with regard to writing?

I hope to acquire time to dedicate more time to writing about Anthropology and Literature, and to of course improve my writing skills and write original, interesting and engaging articles.

What is the best life advice you’ve received?

You can’t achieve anything of value without really working hard to deserve it.

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