Helium.com aims to attract the best writers on the web. We are unique in two ways. First, Helium is title-centric versus article-centric, which is how most sites are structured.  For any given title, say, “What you need to know about ferrets,” many articles will be contributed and then ranked. How does Helium rank its articles? That’s our second unique feature – our patented ranking system. After a member writes, they are then allowed to rate for similar titles. Our rating process takes that information and ranks the articles in a title accordingly.

Helium is revolutionizing the publishing industry as well with our Assignment system, and allows partners to inspire and excite their members through our Partner Programs.

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Here are some of the people you may meet on the Helium Blog:

  • Mark Ranalli is our CEO and president. He’s the “big cheese.”
  • Janice Brand is Vice President, Editorial Solutions for Helium Content Source. Here’s where publishers such as Fox News, The Washington Post and CBS turn when looking for the quality work that Helium’s best freelancers can produce. Basically, she plays matchmaker!
  • Steve Singer is the Director of Community at Helium.  His role is to ensure that Helium supports its writing community members.
  • Anne Campbell is an Editor and Project Manager at Helium Content Source and How To Guides a on Helium.  These are new opportunities to write and earn on Helium that show great promise.
  • Shira Hillyer is an Editor and Project manager at Helium Content Source, and writes the regular weekly Helium Member of the Week posts on this blog.