We want to let you know that we’re in the process of making some improvements to Helium’s payments policy. Payments will now be made only on business days (Monday – Friday). The next payment, if you request one, normally due to be credited on Saturday March 31, will be credited to your account on the next business day, Monday April 2. The payment following will be credited to your account on April 16th. Writers should request their payment on or before midnight GMT on the day listed below. Helium will credit your specified PayPal account by the end of the day on payment days.

So, to make this clear:

To be paid on: April 2nd 2012

  • Request your payment on or before midnight GMT on March 30

To be paid on: April 16th 2012

  • Request your payment on or before midnight GMT on April 14th

To be paid on: April 30th 2012

  • Request your payment on or before midnight GMT on April 29th

In order to address the issue that many Helium writers had experienced of seeing negative balances on the first of the month while the earnings were rolling over into the new month, effective March 1, 2012, at 00:00 GMT, earnings information will show as unavailable until all the processing is complete.  Following processing, the earnings will appear as usual.

This is what you will see:


At Helium, we want to recognize, reward, and retain our best writers. Our plans for increasing the number of assignments from our publishing partners and clients means that we need to be able to identify those writers who write to their expertise, as publishers most often request writers who can demonstrate a specialization in a topic area. And, readers recognize when a writer writes with expertise, too.

We’ve heard from you, and we’ve listened. On Thursday, as part of Helium’s ongoing upgrades, we will be converting the current Senior Writer groups to Premium Writer status. As previously announced, the Premium Writer status will be at the leaf channel where your writing scores rank above a 95. Those scores take into account your NARs editorial rating and peer rankings. To be a Premium Writer, your score must be 95 or above.

For every leaf in which you are a Premium Writer, you will receive a premium of 25% on top of the current Revenue Share (RS) rate for that leaf. Writers will see where they are gaining a 25% premium in their revenue share on their Earnings & Payments page, as on the screenshot. You will also see your writing score for each of the leafs where you have contributed any article. In order to gain Premium Writer status, you must have at least three articles in a leaf, and those articles must be in titles that have five or more articles.

Premium writer with scores

Because we’re introducing the Premium Writer status, we are eliminating the Senior Writer Groups you currently see on your About Me page. We’ll be introducing new Writers Groups in January, as Part Two of this upgrade.

We believe the Premium Writer status and the premium that comes with it rewards our best writers, and encourages others to continue to strive to achieve that status.

 UPDATE 12/15/11 : Here’s the latest — while the site update is still in process (as of 9 am Eastern time), and you won’t yet be able to see your scores or earnings, we decided the change the score threshold level to 90, rather than the previously announced 95, so that more writers will be included.

UPDATE 1/6/2012:  On December 20th, 2011, we announced that we were going to back out all of the elements of Premium Writer status. 

It’s certainly been an interesting and challenging year for writers, and for Helium. It’s the holiday season, and we all look forward to celebrating.

In that spirit, we’re announcing our Happy Holidays Promotion. Beginning Monday, December 5 at noon Eastern Time, and each weekday until Christmas, we’re going to be offering a large number of paid titles to the community. In order to make it fair, we are limiting the number of titles a writer can claim to one per day. There will be $2.50 titles until the 25th!

UPDATE: Beginning 12/14/11, we’re going to change the number of titles a writer can take to two, instead of the current one. And, we will shorten the time it takes to transition, meaning that writers will get paid faster. We would like everyone to be nice, and please don’t be greedy or grinchy.

Think of this as our daily gift to our writing community! Happy Holidays!

Please note:  This update was also announced earlier on the Helium forums.

We want your titles!  At Helium, we’ve always appreciated our writer’s ideas. So, in an effort to get more of your ideas, we’ve simplified the process for writers to suggest a title. If you can’t find what you are looking for from our extensive list of existing titles, and want to write your own, use Suggest a title.

You’ll be able to write about the subjects you know and want to share with readers. And, by promoting and sharing your custom titles, your revenue share will grow. Try suggesting a title.

You may already know that Helium is the world’s largest writing community with almost 200,000 members. Helium’s writers share their knowledge with our millions of monthly readers, while building their writing and editing skills and reputation, and gain exposure to our hundreds of publishing clients who are seeking quality content solutions.

What you might not be aware of is that our community is filled with generous people, too. Helium allows members to donate a portion or all of their Helium earnings to charities and other non-profit organizations of their choice, directly through Helium’s earnings and payments application.

We are thrilled to announce that the collective payout this year is already over $4000.00, up significantly from last year’s total of $2972. We just wanted to acknowledge the generosity of our community and say “Thank You.”

For the last two days, we’ve been letting the Helium community know about the new earnings and payments application. On Tuesday, we pointed out the changes you will see on the earnings screens. Yesterday, we showed you some of the enhancements that you’ll be seeing on the payments screens.

Today, based on community feedback, we’re showing you something many have been clamoring for:

On the screenshot above, you’ll notice that there’s now a “Views” listing, showing you the number of views individual titles have garnered. We’ve promised that we’re going to be more transparent, and this is one giant step toward that ideal.

There are a number of things to note with this new addition to the earnings and payments application.

First, we’re showing views beginning with the release date of the new earnings and payments application. The “Views” column will only display the current month to date and will not show anything prior to October 2011.

In addition to providing detailed article views information, Helium is also changing how it calculates earnings for each article. In the past, Helium’s earnings calculations used a proprietary algorithm that included views for a title (all articles included), quality of each article (as determined by peer review) and revenue from each channel (as determined by how much advertisers pay for different types of content).

Starting next week, we are moving away from our proprietary earnings calculation system and launching an earnings calculation that is 100-percent transparent. Each article view will now be multiplied by a clearly published earnings factor. For example, articles in the Health and Wellness section of the site will earn one rate for every 1,000 views, and articles in the Politics, News and Issues section of the site will earn at a slightly lower rate per 1,000 views. The different earnings rate per channel is a direct reflection of the ad rates available based on subject matter. Advertisers pay more to place their ads in some sections and less in others. We expect that these earnings factors will change over time. As Helium continues to grow, we expect that we will be able to generate higher ad revenue per view. If this is the case, Helium will continue to increase the earnings factor. As a co-op model, Helium is committed to sharing its earnings with its members. The more we are able to earn, the more the site will share with its members.

What you might see:

Given our transition from our previous earnings calculation to this new system, we are certain that you will experience a difference in earnings on an article-by-article analysis, but we expect that the vast majority of our members will earn a similar amount across their entire portfolio of articles on the site. Some articles will be earning more each month, and others will be earning less than they did before. But the total amount of ad revenue share with the community is identical under the new system.

Quick UPDATE 10/17/2011

Last week, we announced Helium’s new earnings and payments application, including that the number of views per article would be visible.

We wanted to get this new application into your hands as quickly as possible, and we are rolling this out as planned on Oct. 18, 2011. But, in order to avoid any potential confusion, rather than open the new earnings and payments application with a partial month’s worth of data, views calculations will not be available and viewable until Nov. 1, 2011. Thanks for your understanding.


Yesterday, we announced to the Helium community that next week, we will be introducing some changes to the earnings and payments application. We pointed out the changes you will see on the earnings screens.

Today, we’ll show you some of the enhancements that you’ll be seeing on the payments screens.


First, on the screenshot above, you’ll notice that there’s now a separate payments listing, enabling you to more easily track your pending and paid payments. You’ll be able to see the status of your payments and the date you requested the payment.


We’ll also be including PayPal transaction IDs, so that you’ll be able to track additions to your PayPal account. This information will only be available for payments made following next week’s release; past transaction data will not be available.


You’ll also be able to download all of your transactions to a spreadsheet, allowing you to track all of your transactions on your desktop.

Come back again tomorrow. We’ll show you more of the new features of Helium’s earnings and payments application.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and suggestions! Helium is excited to announce our new earnings and payments application. Thanks to Helium’s developers and tech team who have been developing, coding and testing this upgrade, we’re now ready for the unveiling. Beginning next week, Helium writers will notice an easier, more efficient way to view earnings and request payments. Watch this space over the next few days as we roll out introductions to specific sections of these new features.

The first feature and change you will notice is where you’ll find earnings information. Rather than clicking on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Earnings and Payments,’ you will see your earnings directly in your ‘My Helium’ dashboard. (See the sample screenshot above.)

You’ll notice that this screen includes both lifetime and current monthly earnings.


It’s now easier to request a payment, too. We’ve put the ‘request payment’ button directly below where your earnings information is listed on your ‘My Helium’ dashboard, giving you quick access to any earnings you’ve accrued (see the sample screenshot above.)

There are more changes coming to the payments views, and we’ll be posting those here tomorrow.

Beginning June 1, we’re welcoming in the summer months with our new promotion: 10 Squared. What’s that mean, you ask? It means that for every 10 articles you write (and we accept) to a single leaf channel, we’ll give you a bonus $10 assignment. And just to keep the math going, 10×10=100 so we’ll run this for 100 days.

Why? Because promotions are fun. Also, to herald our new Writing Groups Assignment system, which debuts in June. As we’ve been saying on Helium’s Community Discussion Boards, writers should write to titles in the leaf channels they know best and where they feel most confident.

We really want you to show us the subjects (leaf channels) that you’re interested in writing more about and know something about, for example: Auto Repair, Perennials, Business Law, or even Denver, Colorado.

We’ll be looking for your quality work and keeping those articles that show your quality writing. When we’ve accepted 10 of your articles in that leaf, we’ll target a $10 assignment just to you in that same leaf channel.

You can submit work through the assignment system, suggest your own titles and write to existing titles on the site. (Reminder: Writing to titles with more than 6 or 7 articles doesn’t add much, unless you’re confident you can do better. Search out the onesies!)

You don’t have to come up number 1 — though that’s nice to aim for. And, sorry, this doesn’t apply to the Creative Writing channel.

We’ll perform regular sweeps to see who’s written where so we can award the $10 titles.

Good luck and get writing!

Janice Brand, VP Helium Content Source

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