Helium announcements

Helium is announcing a change to our writing process that will over the long run benefit both writers and readers.

As a writer, when you accept an assignment, we will now be requiring an “article headline”.  This headline should be different from the title being written to, and should be descriptive and unique enough to make it easy for a searcher to find your article through a search engine. This will provide an additional level of clarity to what your article is about, as well as a way of better distinguishing  one article under a title from another in that same title. We anticipate that over the long run, this will help Helium articles appear higher in search results making it easier for readers to find your articles, and raising the number of views.

This is a long-term proposition. These article headlines will be stored in our database, but they will not appear on the site until the Helium redesign is launched before the end of the year. We are starting this now so that new articles will benefit  from this change, but are also allowing writers who have existing articles to go back through “My Articles” and add these “article headlines” as well.

Now, for the details: these are the areas where you may see this new “article headline” entry field. The first is when you accept an assignment, or choose to Write Now from an article already on the site, you will now see this in Write Now:

And, under My Articles, when you choose Show Article Options, you will have the ability to add a headline to an existing article. The headlines will need to be in proper Helium format, with the first word capitalized, as well as any proper nouns such as a person’s name:

Since we are requiring that all new articles also have a headline, writers will see an error message reminding them to add a headline if they forget:

In order to address the issue that many Helium writers had experienced of seeing negative balances on the first of the month while the earnings were rolling over into the new month, effective March 1, 2012, at 00:00 GMT, earnings information will show as unavailable until all the processing is complete.  Following processing, the earnings will appear as usual.

This is what you will see: