Helium has various social media outlets and is always encouraging our members to connect with us.

We use these to inform our members about various upcoming writing opportunities, share interesting articles, as well as acknowledge and congratulate members on their successes. We encourage high member interaction and always love when people share their opinions.

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12 Responses to “Connect with us!”

  1. Roy Bliven Says:

    Helium sounds like a good forum as long as there is respect and any contributions to my writing is not compromised! I am particularly interested in the website approach. I am the author of “Project Earth” and “Ultimate Voyage” – to be released later in 2011. My latest book will take readers into the future – beyond December 21, 2012!
    Look forward to working with Helium bloggers!

    1. Sarah Bedrick Says:

      Welcome to Helium, Roy! We agree with your points about being respectful of each other’s writing and feel the Helium community is superior at educating and helping each other reach their maximum writing potential. Our community members are constantly providing feedback, encouraging and finding new ways to increase exposure and earn more. Of course we’re bias, but we think Helium is a wonderful platform to write online content. Welcome!

  2. Izquierdo Says:

    So I’ve joined. How do I contact a member who I think can help me with research I am doing on a book.

    1. Sarah M Says:

      You can reach out to the member through the Helium inbox.

  3. I emailed once already and haven’t heard back. When I first started writing poetry I received alot of email from Helium. I didn’t know what you were then. I don’t know if I opened an account or not. I never wrote for you. Can you advise me as to if I have an account can start with a new account.

    1. Sarah M Says:

      Hi Janice, if you’re having problems logging in because you can’t remember your username or password. Please reach out to the Helium Help Desk at help@helium.com. Thanks!

  4. GTA Freelance Writer Says:

    I’m a little disappointed to hear that you pay writers $1 to $2 per article. However, on the content purchase side, the same articles are then sold starting from $30. Is it ok to request a raise on behalf of all writers?

    1. Steve Singer Says:

      We actually have different ways for writers to get paid. Some articles in our assignment system are available for a specific amount per title. Others are can get revenue share through our co-op model of sharing our advertising revenue with our writers. Our more experienced and proven writers may be offered higher paying assignments through our Content Source for Publishers.

  5. Linda Bayley-Brown Says:

    Can you tell me how to get into my Helium account … I have tried many times and can’t seem to get help with my login details all I keep getting is this : We’re sorry we could not find your account information.

    why is there no help section and why have you no trace of my account when my articles and profile are there for world wide viewing ? Can you help me please ?

    1. Anne Campbell Says:

      Please contact help@helium.com for help with any issues with your account.

  6. janeforrest Says:

    I can’t sign in can you help

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