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Whether you’re a professional looking to stretch your talents, a journalist establishing a web presence, a freelancer getting your career off the ground or a reader researching information, there’s something for you at Helium.

Helium is one of the largest Internet publishers in the world and the face of the publishing revolution. With the expertise of our talented and dedicated writers, we have an ever-growing database of quality articles on just about anything.

Helium, Inc. is always looking for skilled freelance writers. Sign up today and you can begin earning cash for your knowledge.

11 Responses to “Join Helium!”

  1. saleha Says:

    how can i write article through your website please give me the topic so that i can write.

    1. Sarah M Says:

      You can write about any topic you choose. Just click on any title, click on Article Tools, and click the pencil icon “Write now.”

  2. Ivan Kukard Says:

    Hi I have been searching your web & blog, even joined, to find out what you pay for articles/how-to’s etc but I can find no clear page giving this information
    Please enlighten me
    Kind Regards
    Ivan Kukard

    1. Anne Campbell Says:

      Articles on earn money through revenue share. You can find out more about how it works on this Helium help page.

  3. RyleeT Says:

    how do i sign in?!

    1. Anne Campbell Says:

      Hi Rylee,
      If you need help signing into your Helium account, please email

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