Beginning June 1, we’re welcoming in the summer months with our new promotion: 10 Squared. What’s that mean, you ask? It means that for every 10 articles you write (and we accept) to a single leaf channel, we’ll give you a bonus $10 assignment. And just to keep the math going, 10×10=100 so we’ll run this for 100 days.

Why? Because promotions are fun. Also, to herald our new Writing Groups Assignment system, which debuts in June. As we’ve been saying on Helium’s Community Discussion Boards, writers should write to titles in the leaf channels they know best and where they feel most confident.

We really want you to show us the subjects (leaf channels) that you’re interested in writing more about and know something about, for example: Auto Repair, Perennials, Business Law, or even Denver, Colorado.

We’ll be looking for your quality work and keeping those articles that show your quality writing. When we’ve accepted 10 of your articles in that leaf, we’ll target a $10 assignment just to you in that same leaf channel.

You can submit work through the assignment system, suggest your own titles and write to existing titles on the site. (Reminder: Writing to titles with more than 6 or 7 articles doesn’t add much, unless you’re confident you can do better. Search out the onesies!)

You don’t have to come up number 1 — though that’s nice to aim for. And, sorry, this doesn’t apply to the Creative Writing channel.

We’ll perform regular sweeps to see who’s written where so we can award the $10 titles.

Good luck and get writing!

Janice Brand, VP Helium Content Source

You’re an online writer looking to improve your craft. How do you get your article read, noticed and purchased?

One key to success is to make sure you meet the publisher’s writing standards.

Helium’s Writing Standards have been updated and replaced with Helium’s Writing and Editorial Standards. Review these standards to ensure your article submissions meet Helium’s standards.

By meeting these standards and writing a great article free of spelling and grammatical errors, you increase your chances of having your article be chosen as the best piece.

Meeting these standards, writing to areas you’re knowledgeable about, meeting deadline, having a great bio and filling out your address on Helium are all great ways to get noticed and open yourself up to additional writing opportunities.

Helium Content Source publishers will have their own set of expectations and guidelines you must meet. These are typically much more extensive than Helium’s. By getting used to writing to and meeting guidelines, you train yourself as a writer for these future assignments.

Writing standards defined

  • Articles must be your original work
  • Helium follows AP style
  • Plagiarism is not allowed
  • Duplicate articles are not allowed
  • Do not include your name or references to your own company in your article
  • Do not repeat the article title in the body of the article
  • Solid research and citing sources is key
  • We delete articles that are mostly lists — develop your work
  • Use of third and second person is encouraged (first person is not allowed in some articles)
  • Subheads are encouraged
  • Write with an authoritative, unbiased tone — develop your voice and style
  • No adult content, hate content or profanity is allowed

Writing guidelines example

Write a knowledge-based, objective article in the second or third person that provides readers with insightful, useful information. Sources should be reputable and cited where applicable.

Helium Content Source guidelines example

The following is typical of what you might see on a Content Source assignment:

Please write an original 500-1,000 word article that includes the following details. Write to a homeowner audience about choosing the right contractor for this job. The article should educate the reader with consumer tips and information about the specific service.

Give the homeowner useful tips (bulleted lists are strongly encouraged); include items such as what to look for in a good contractor, questions to ask, professional associations, certifications, etc.; common problems, pitfalls to avoid; if they should ask for mechanic liens; Insurance; Bonding; etc. If that information is limited please expand by describing different materials and the advantages or disadvantages of each.

Write in the second person voice. Clear, simple sentences are easier to read than long, complicated ones. Do NOT editorialize by adding your own opinions or beliefs about an area. Instead, just present the facts in an informative and positive manner.

This should be an original piece. Sourced information must be rephrased. If you quote statistics or phrases, you must put links to your references listed at the end of the article, or put the information in quotes. This is done for fact-checking processes. If you do not put a list of references/sources at the end of your article, it will be sent back to you. This is required!

Please view this sample to get an idea of bullets, tone, style and layout [link not included to protect publisher’s identity].

Today is a great day for Helium as we release our mobile version of the assignment system for writers. The mobile version will work on any Android phone or iPhone.

This initial mobile release for the assignment system will allow writers to login to Helium, view all assignments available to them, claim assignments and withdraw from assignments.

Like on the main site, writers can view assignment details including how many submissions are accepted for each assignment, the deadline and how much it pays.

This initial release does not have filtering or sorting of assignments in the Open, Personal and Restricted sections but we’ll be adding that functionality soon in an upcoming release.

Visit this URL ( from your phone’s browser and bookmark it for easy access. Some phones even allow you to add the bookmark to your home screen.

Helium mobile strategy is to make use of smartphone browsers rather than creating apps for these reasons:

  1.  We can immediately support both iPhone and Android without creating two apps and go through the various app approval processes.
  2. When we release improvements,  the community will get them right away without downloading new versions.

Check out our how-to video!