If you want to establish yourself on Helium, your About Me page should be your online resume and a professional representation of yourself. As a Helium writer your About Me page is your homepage and a chance to create a great first impression. It’s where readers and publishers learn more about you, your accomplishments and specialties. Plus, having a quality biography will open up more writing opportunities — whether they’re targeted writing assignments, stock content sales, volunteer opportunities, or to help publishers form an initial bond with you.

A great About Me page helps you build credibility not only with publishers but with fellow Helium writers and those who read your profile. We’ve done the math and realized that 75% of all Marketplace and stock content sales are purchased from Helium writers who have a professional biography, image and real sounding pen name.

Don’t forget to double check your bio. Nothing turns off a publisher more than a typo in the first sentence.

We’re searching for you

Whether you’re a professional journalist or an enthusiastic amateur, you need to let the world know about your experience and expertise. We regularly search members’ bios looking for particular phrases that identify writers for Marketplace and Editorial Solutions assignments. If you’re an expert food writer who’s published a cookbook — share the great news! If you’re a regular columnist on gardening tips in your local newspaper — tell us! If you live in Minneapolis, MN, let us know! We’re always looking for writers for specific assignments. How are we supposed to know about you if you don’t tell us?

A photo is key

And don’t forget your photo! You do need to upload a professional looking photograph of yourself so publishers and Helium Editorial Solutions staffers know you’re serious about your craft. Need help uploading a photo? Check out the directions in our Help page.

Wording choices

Need some help crafting a better bio? Share your skills, talents and expertise. Use phrases like, “I have 30 years experience in knitting and crocheting.” Or, “I have written for the Local Times and My Town News.” Or, “I am an accomplished nurse and associate professor at News University.” Or, “I have extensive experience writing about travel to exotic locales like Borneo and New Zealand.”

If your pen name, photo and bio don’t meet the same high standards as your writing, you’re selling yourself short. Make your About Me page a winning assignment as well.

Helpful examples

Check out some examples of great About Me bios from fellow Helium writers:

Elizabeth Kelly

Nan Keltie

Josh Zywien

It’s not often that we get a unique earning Marketplace opportunity such as this and we want to get the word out to absolutely everyone.

This week in Markeplace, publisher Real Estate Experts is offering $200 for the top article in 48 titles. Additionally, the next 50 selected articles within each title will also receive $5. (Essentially, everyone stands to earn some dough for writing.)

There are three titles for 16 regions throughout the U.S.

  • How has the recession impacted real estate in your city?
  • Tips for the first-time home-buyer in your town in tight economic times
  • Buying foreclosed real estate in your city

We’re targeting the following regions:

Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, Texas, the Rockies, the Midwest, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, the Southeast, Georgia, the mid-Atlantic, New England, Northern Florida, Southern Florida, and the Pacific Northwest.

When you get to Marketplace, be sure to scroll through to find the three titles in your region. Better yet, after you’ve written to those three, do a little research and write about some other areas or write about areas you may have lived in, in the past. Either way, you increase your chances for a tidy sum.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. The deadline is just six days away. And if you have any questions, be sure to read the title guidelines as well as post in our forums. Good luck!

Before the holidays, Helium received some mention in the blogosphere on a new citizen journalism partnership and our hyper-local efforts.

Here’s a quick run-down:

Word about Helium and how we can help solve evolving content needs for local, regional and national newspapers, magazines and websites is gaining momentum. We’re also excited to be working with these veteran, award-winning news organizations.