At Helium, we take great pride in our approach to customer service which is run by Operations and falls under the direction of Vice President, John Rozen. There are two customer service departments: tech support and content support. I have been in charge of these two departments at Helium for several years now. Tech support can be reached by emailing , where Cindy Wester, patiently and effectively fields questions and reports instances related to technical issues on the site. Help also deals with all concerns having to do with abuses and or enforcement of, the Helium User Agreement. So some of the things that Help will respond to are user interface “how to” questions, bug reports, payment inquiries, article submission problems, site performance, login, profanity issues etc.

The other wing of support can be  reached at , where Jane Rand efficiently as well as patiently, fields questions related to article content, and the enforcement of Helium’s Writing Standards. You can find the Writing Standards in the new and greatly improved Helium Help Guide which now offers search capability. A link to this can always be found in the footer of most Helium pages as well. Content also handles basic “how to” questions, assigning mentors, badges as well as how to improve things like content quality, bios, article earnings, rating and writing stars, inappropriate content etc.

There are several things that you can do to improve your experience with us as well as make the process more efficient and helpful. Here are a few primary things to consider before you send your email:

  • Always search in the Helium Help Guide before contacting us. Often there are graphics and detailed explanations there, which can offer a better as well as quicker answer than we can provide in an email.
  • Always contact us from the email address that you have registered to your account on Helium. In order to give you any account specific information we must be able to verify your identity. We receive an overwhelming amount of emails from users who we have to write back to, asking them to write from their registered email address.
  • Always provide links to pages where your issue occurs. It is important to note that pages which demand that you are logged into your account, such as your My Helium page, My Articles, and Earnings & Payments pages, we cannot access. In those cases, a screen shot is extremely helpful. If you don’t know how to do this, a quick Google search for “screen shot” will render results with instructions for both Mac and Windows.

Our mission at customer service is to provide swift, helpful,one on one interaction with our users. Personally, I don’t know of many, if any other web applications that provide the type of individualized customer service that Helium does. As a business, Helium is in a constant state of improvement and expansion of user functionality and capability. Helium customer service provides direct individualized support of these ongoing efforts and helps maintain one of the most important elements of Helium … community.

So you’ve found an ad you don’t particularly agree with or that is blatantly offensive on Helium – what do you do?

Simple. Take a screenshot and send it to help [at]

How do you take a screenshot? On a windows PC simply hit the “print screen” button found typically above the arrow keys. Then paste (control + v) into Paint or some other editor, crop as necessary, and save. For mac OS X hit command + shift + 4 to form a crosshair. Then click and hold the left mouse, highlight the area you want to copy and let go – it will save it right to your desktop (typically).