How often do you check the Helium Content Source freelance opportunities page? New projects are getting posted all the time, so if you’re not doing it already, you should make a habit of stopping by once a week to see what’s new. You never know when you’ll see something that’s a great fit for you!

We’re looking for writers for a wide variety of new projects right now. Here’s a sample of the opportunities we just added.

  • Writers in the UK and Australia who understand the drama involved in decorating teenagers’ rooms! Decorating/design background a plus.
  • Professional chefs or food writers in the UK and Australia to help a publisher develop recipes
  • Experienced medical writers who can write about health topics, including prescription drugs, in an informative and easy-to-understand way
  • Lifestyle writers who can produce well-researched articles on topics including babies, parenting and wedding planning
  • Army Reserve members (or writers with family members in the Reserves) who would be interested in writing about their experiences

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, please email a cover letter, resume and two relevant clips to (Be sure to include a link to your Helium About Me page!)

We’re also looking for more copyeditors to add to our team. If you’re an experienced editor with a good eye for detail, you should check out our listings and apply, too.

Visit Helium’s freelance opportunities page to see the full list of what we’re looking for now!

Do you have a knack for explaining complex technology like cloud computing in a way that’s easy for the average reader to understand? Then Helium has a freelance opportunity that is right up your alley! We’re looking for tech writers who can explain concepts like this in plain English. If you’re interested, email a cover letter, resume and two relevant clips to

We’re also on the hunt for science subject matter experts who can proof textbooks. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to

Science and technology not quite your cup of tea? Helium Content Source has a variety of other freelance opportunities available. Here’s a sneak peek.

Among the assignments we have open now:

  • Writers familiar with cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing who can explain concepts in plain English
  • Sciences subject matter experts who can proof textbooks for major text publisher
  • Northern California-based writers who can write about local information such as transportation, first aid, parks, wineries and digital services
  • Fact-checkers who can verify pages of local community information
  • Experienced car and truck review writers who can write positive, detailed reviews using OEM websites to find vehicle specifications
  • Marketing writers who can tackle easy website copy
  • Experienced professional copy editors for numerous content creation projects
  • US-based technical or financial proofreaders with extensive proofing experience
  • Experienced marketing writers who can write witty, clean copy for daily coupon deals client
  • Bloggers based in Edmonton and elsewhere in Canada to write about local news, events and entertainment
  • Freelancers with a background in construction
  • Writers adept at covering home improvement/construction industry needs

M. J. Joachim is a long-standing Helium writer who has found new excitement and opportunities with professional recognition through Helium Content Source assignments.

Writing for Helium has been an incredible journey for me. Like many of you, Helium has been my nemesis, my joy and my rescuer. It has frazzled my nerves, frustrated my impatience and captured my heart. Along the way, I’ve made a few new friends, admired more peers than you can count, and turned my dream of writing into a full-blown career.

Writing on started out as a hobby for me. It was therapeutic, and a way to express my ideas, opinions and test my abilities as a writer. At first, I wrote whenever I felt like it. Over time, I made a regular, albeit flexible, schedule. Today, most of my writing for Helium is assignment-oriented, deadline-based work through Helium Content Source. My schedule is still fairly flexible, mind you, but it’s also goal oriented. One of my main goals is to earn a predetermined income each month. So far, I’ve not only met that goal, but on a few occasions, I’ve even exceeded it.

Project and assignment managers found me and asked me to be a participant in a Helium Content Source project, explaining that they were pleased with the high quality articles I consistently posted on I now write dozens of neighborhood descriptions a month for a real estate website covering city neighborhoods throughout the U.S. This amazing program not only pays well, but guarantees that my claimed assignments are mine alone, and once they pass through the editorial process, I will be paid for my work in a timely manner.

Another benefit of working on Content Source projects is the professional environment, which includes interaction with editors and project managers. I’ve worked on some other sites that have editors, and for those of you with similar (negative) experiences, let me assure you that Helium’s program is nothing like them. It is a positive environment where writers, editors and managers work together to meet the needs of clients. Helium Content Source freelance editors are not always right, and writers are able to present their questions and concerns in a civil environment. That’s not to say justifiable rewrites don’t happen, but when they do, writers usually learn a lot from them.

Admittedly, my first few Content Source assignments had me a little bit on edge. It was clear that I had two paths in front of me, one where I could continue writing casually, and another where I needed to challenge myself to meet deadlines, perform in-depth research and address client guidelines and requirements. My choice was easy. The economy was changing, and even though my husband survived every company lay-off, my income was important to the well-being of our family. I chose to climb the writer’s ladder, developing my skills as a true freelance writer. This has resulted in my ability to earn a generous income through Helium Content Source projects, and also enabled me to gain a few outside writing clients who noticed my articles as well.

If you want to establish yourself on Helium, your About Me page should be your online resume and a professional representation of yourself. As a Helium writer your About Me page is your homepage and a chance to create a great first impression. It’s where readers and publishers learn more about you, your accomplishments and specialties. Plus, having a quality biography will open up more writing opportunities — whether they’re targeted writing assignments, stock content sales, volunteer opportunities, or to help publishers form an initial bond with you.

A great About Me page helps you build credibility not only with publishers but with fellow Helium writers and those who read your profile. We’ve done the math and realized that 75% of all Marketplace and stock content sales are purchased from Helium writers who have a professional biography, image and real sounding pen name.

Don’t forget to double check your bio. Nothing turns off a publisher more than a typo in the first sentence.

We’re searching for you

Whether you’re a professional journalist or an enthusiastic amateur, you need to let the world know about your experience and expertise. We regularly search members’ bios looking for particular phrases that identify writers for Marketplace and Editorial Solutions assignments. If you’re an expert food writer who’s published a cookbook — share the great news! If you’re a regular columnist on gardening tips in your local newspaper — tell us! If you live in Minneapolis, MN, let us know! We’re always looking for writers for specific assignments. How are we supposed to know about you if you don’t tell us?

A photo is key

And don’t forget your photo! You do need to upload a professional looking photograph of yourself so publishers and Helium Editorial Solutions staffers know you’re serious about your craft. Need help uploading a photo? Check out the directions in our Help page.

Wording choices

Need some help crafting a better bio? Share your skills, talents and expertise. Use phrases like, “I have 30 years experience in knitting and crocheting.” Or, “I have written for the Local Times and My Town News.” Or, “I am an accomplished nurse and associate professor at News University.” Or, “I have extensive experience writing about travel to exotic locales like Borneo and New Zealand.”

If your pen name, photo and bio don’t meet the same high standards as your writing, you’re selling yourself short. Make your About Me page a winning assignment as well.

Helpful examples

Check out some examples of great About Me bios from fellow Helium writers:

Elizabeth Kelly

Nan Keltie

Josh Zywien

Are you a professional writer or editor looking for freelance jobs? Look no further than Helium.

Helium attracts all kinds of writers — from stay-at-home moms who enjoy sharing what they know, to high school students working on their writing style, to retirees taking pleasure in sharing their poetry, to professional journalists and writers looking for new ways to earn additional income.

The Writing Assignments for Professionals page is where our writers can earn more on Helium through assigned work with some of our hundreds of publishing partners.

These assignments add to Helium writers’ resumes giving them bylined work in leading print and online media outlets. Some projects even lead to full time work.

Current openings

A number of the assignments we currently have open are for hyper-local writers to share what they know about the cities they live in.

Are you a Long Island, NY-based writer? We need you for freelance feature-story assignments possibly leading to writing jobs with a start-up newspaper.

We also need professional journalists to write about local events, attractions, travel, politics and businesses in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Hartford, Vancouver and more.

Oftentimes we need writers with expertise in certain niche areas. Right now we need experts in cyber security, the U.S. food service business, business topics, and aging and senior issues.


Interested in filling an opening? Writers need to send a cover letter, resume and two clips relevant to the assignment they’re applying for to Be sure to put in the subject line a reference to the particular position (i.e., “Long Island writer” or “Business writer” or “Legal writer”).

You have to be a Helium member to apply for these assignments. If you’re not a Helium member, sign up now!

Help us find you

Badges help Helium staff identify you for special projects with publishing partners. Are you a Helium member but have not yet applied for a Professional Journalist badge? Find out more. Are you a Helium member but have not yet applied for a Credentialed Expert (dentist, doctor, lawyer, educator…) badge? Apply now!

Helium has launched a new program to recognize the credentials of professionals writing for the Internet.  Helium’s professional badges honor expertise and elevate professionals above the anonymity of Internet publishing.

Helium complements this recognition with high-paying earning opportunities in Helium’s Freelance Writers’ Marketplace.

Legal professionals at Helium now have handsome badges and access to high earning Freelance Marketplace publishing partners, like Legal Advocates, which represents a prestigious law website. They’ve already paid Helium writers nearly $10,000 in their first few weeks of partnership. View the legal professional badge.

Nurses were the first medical professionals honored at Helium. Many more medical professionals will be verified and recognized in the coming weeks. We have some pending contracts with medical publishers who promise high paying Helium Freelance Writers’ Marketplace titles to tap our expert medical writers. View the nurse’s badge .

Helium professionals are also sharing their expertise in Zones. These Helium Zone resource pages provide information and resource links (including videos) on specific topic areas. In addition, Helium offers professional networking opportunities through Zone groups.

Much more to come about this trend — professionals choosing Helium as their writer’s site.

If you’d like information about the many opportunities for professionals to share their knowledge, add to their earnings and gain recognition as professional writers at, write to me Barbara Whitlock, Community Development Manager, at