Helium is excited to announce the “World Population Approaches 7 Billion” writing contest sponsored in part by Helium and two of our nonprofit partners: Population Services International (PSI) and Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

The contest will begin at 00:00:1 GMT on Wednesday, June 8. It will include four titles and will be open for submissions for a two-week period. The articles must be between 400-500 words and be written in magazine style. The best articles will utilize and cite relevant data and statistics. The submission period will be followed by a one-week rating period.

What you can win

1. The winning article will be published in Impact, PSI’s print magazine as well as on Pulitzer’s website. The winning article will be chosen from the top four ranked articles on each title, by a panel of judges from both of the nonprofit partners.

2.  The top #1 ranked article from each title will be published on PSI’s “Healthy Lives” Blog.

3 & 4. There will be two prizes based on the leaderboard from the Helium contest interface. First prize will be a 16GB Apple® iPad™ with Wi-Fi. Second place prize will be a Velocity Micro 7-inch Cruz Digital Reader, an Android-based tablet.

Titles have been announced!!

How does population growth affect gender inequality?

How should men be involved in family planning?

What are the best ways to engage young people in family planning?

What role should governments play in promoting informed choice for people’s desired family size?

Write to them now!

About our nonprofit partners

PSI is a leading global health organization with programs targeting malaria, child survival, HIV, reproductive health and non-communicable diseases. Working in partnership within the public and private sectors, and harnessing the power of markets, PSI provides life-saving products, clinical services and behavior change communications that empower the world’s most vulnerable populations to lead healthier lives. Follow PSI on Twitter.

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting promotes in-depth engagement with global affairs through its sponsorship of quality international journalism across all media platforms and an innovative program of outreach and education. Follow Pulitzer Center on Twitter.


In hopes of raising awareness about the important issue of global maternal health, Helium partnered with the Pulitzer Center to sponsor a writing contest as part of the Global Issues/Citizen Voices Essay Contest asking the question, “Hundreds of thousands of women die each year due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. What are the first steps to making a difference?”

With 41 entries the variety of topics was broad. The winner is Helium writer Alexandra Fielden with her article about the Millennium Development Goal 5 and her experience working on women’s reproductive health in the Maldives. The article was rated fifth on Helium. Congrats Alexandra!

“I think Helium’s partnership with the Pulitzer Center is an absolutely superb way to get people thinking about important issues facing the world today. The medium enables the public to start to form their own opinions, and to question their validity, as opposed to simply reading about what ‘the experts’ think and immediately forgetting about it afterward,” says Fielden. “Personal (sometimes emotional) connections and the public’s interaction with these issues seems to me to be an excellent way of creating an impact by facilitating ‘social e-momentum’ towards positive change. Many thanks to Helium and the Pulitzer Center!”

For more information on this issue read the corresponding coverage at the Pulitzer Gateway Dying for Life page. Or read all the Helium articles now.

In hopes of raising awareness about the important issue of safe water, Helium partnered with the Pulitzer Center to sponsor a writing contest as part of the Global Issues/ Citizen Voices Essay Contest asking the question “Inadequate access to safe water and sanitation claims 4,500 lives a day. What should we do about it?” We asked writers to determine how we can begin fixing this dilemma.

With 103 entries, the variety of topics was immense. The winner is Helium writer Winn Mete with her article about the University of Alaska Anchorage’s student chapter of Engineers Without Borders’ work at the Rhema Grace orphanage in Tiko, Cameroon. The essay was also rated number one on Helium.com.

According to the Pulitzer Center, “It was difficult to choose a single winner as there were so many interesting articles. However, the best essays engaged this oft overlooked topic in a way that even those completely unaware of the water crisis would understand its importance.  Our winner, Winn Mete, best demonstrated how this issue affects everyone.”

Read an interview with winner Winn Mete on the Pulitzer Center’s blog. Congrats Winn!