I wanted to continue our future feature series.  One of the biggest features in the next release is what we call widgets. .  They’re actually designed mainly for the non-Helium writer – the person that wants to add additional content to their site/blog such as a political debate or a discussion of a bestselling new book. Basically, these will be bits of JavaScript code that they can copy and paste onto their site or blog and share articles or debates

This means more traffic and earnings for you, the Helium writer, as more people share the content they find on Helium.  The first one we are planning on launching is the “Top Article” widget.  Basically, this widget will give you the top article (or top pair for a debate) from an item and display it.  So what will that look like?

First, they’ll navigate to an item page as normal.  Once there they’ll see something like this at the top:

They of course click “Get a Widget for this title” and then they’ll see this:

They can just copy the embed code and paste it where they want the widget to show up.  We don’t have it set up in development mode just yet to work on external sites, but clicking preview gets a general idea of what it might look like on an actual page.  It’s using development data, so yes, that is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Don’t judge us:


Again, they can just paste the little embed code on the site of their choice and they’re done – the box at the top will show up (i.e not with the grey box at the bottom and without “preview” at the top).  Pretty neat.

Note again that this is still in development and QA – so things may change before release.  But this gives you a rough idea of what to expect.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.

Among the long list of requested features is the ability to see the bios of people who have accepted invites that you’ve sent to.  We are currently working on this feature and it will be in a future build.

You’ll be able to see it by going to your “My Invites” screen – where currently you see the status of any invites you’ve sent out.  This will get a new “pen name” column that will link to the bio if the person has accepted your invite and become part of Helium.

This will hopefully enable you to add and track your friends after they join Helium easily.  Just another example of a community suggestion that finds it’s way into a feature.  Keep the suggestions coming.